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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for taking an interest in Classy Clicks Photography. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. Should you decide to use our services we will ask you to sign a printed copy before payment of the balance relating to our services. Classy Clicks (Keren Read and Becky Clarke) will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have in relation to these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Booking Form – A booking form signed by you further detailing the Photo Services.
Photo – Any photograph, transparency, negative, design, artwork, painting, engraving, digital image file or any other item which may be offered for the purpose of reproduction taken by Classy Clicks Event Photography.
Photo Services – The event or series of events during which we shall provide photographic services to you i.e. for a Wedding this shall be the Wedding Day or for a portrait this shall be the day of taking the portrait(s).
Reproduction – Any form of publication or copying of the whole or part of any Photo whether altered or not and whether by printing, photography, slide projection (whether to an audience or not), xerography, electronic or mechanical reproduction or storage, or for any use as artist’s reference or illustration, or in a layout or presentation


  • Any additional charges incurred, will be recovered from the client and agreed in advance.
  • Our packages include travelling expenses up to 150 miles from the DA13 postcode. Locations further away than this are charged at 45 pence per mile after the first 150 miles.
  • Classy Clicks may require accommodation where the photography location is at a distance of 100 miles or greater from the DA13 postcode.
  • Where it is necessary to travel to a photography location the evening prior to the shoot and when it may be necessary to stay overnight (e.g. where a wedding runs late). The cost of accommodation shall be covered by the client.
  • Where required any accommodation arrangements must be confirmed with Classy Clicks before booking.
  • Terms and Conditions subject to change

Deposit Payment
A £100 deposit is required to confirm any Wedding booking of Classy Clicks Event Photography. Bookings are made on a strictly first come first served basis. Dates will ONLY be secured upon receipt of the deposit and completed booking form, this will be completed at the initial meeting with client and once Terms and Conditions have been read and signed.

Payment Terms

    • Deposit (see above) – payable on booking Classy Clicks, Event Photography
    • Balance of payment – payable 2 months prior to the shoot or wedding day.
    • Extra albums, prints and services – orders with 3rd party suppliers will not be placed until payment is received in full.
    • No images will be released until the final balance is paid in full.
    • Payments can be made by BACs transfer, crossed cheque or cash.

All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT unless stated otherwise. Prices and specifications are subject to change.

The intellectual property rights (IPR) and copyright of all images taken will remain that of Classy Clicks Event Photography.
Under our terms and conditions, Classy Clicks reserves the right to use any image for publicity or advertising purposes without any compensation to the parties involved.

Artistic Licence
Classy Clicks shall be granted full artistic licence in relation to poses photographed and locations used at the photography locations. Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather and the willingness of subjects, it is not always possible to capture certain requested images. No one image shall be deemed ‘more important’ than any other image or be treated as such.

Digital Files
Once payment has been received and post production completed, Classy Clicks Event Photography will release the chosen high resolution JPEG files to the client on disc. The client shall be solely responsible for keeping this disc safe and duplicate discs will incur additional charges.

Cancellation Policy
Up to one month before photo shoot/wedding
The client may cancel their contract with Classy Clicks up to one month before the date of the photo shoot or wedding. Upon receiving a cancellation notice Classy Clicks will reimburse any monies paid LESS the deposit fee which remains non refundable.
Less than one month before photo shoot/wedding
If canceling your contract less than one month prior to the date of the photo shoot or wedding all monies will be retained by Classy Clicks less the cost of any albums.
Cancellation by Classy Clicks
In the highly unlikely event of cancellation by both photographers, or unavoidable total photographic failure, the photographers’ liability shall be limited to a full refund of any booking fees and fees paid. Re-shoots may be arranged if practicable but the photographers will not be responsible for any further costs.

Festive Period Surcharge
Weddings and photo shoots booked for 24/25/26th December encur a 50% increase in standard quoted costs and the client must opt for the Lily package.